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Barbara BobiTail's


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Name: Barbara BobiTail's

Gender: female

Birthday: 11/30/2021

Breed: Maine Coon

Line: Standard Line

Origin: Russia

Color: Black smoke with white

Price: $2500 + 8.25% sales tax 

Status: Available

Cat Description: Barbara is a remarkable addition to our cattery. This affectionate queen has a personality that shines brightly. She's a sweetheart through and through, known for her gentle demeanor and loving nature. Barbara is the epitome of a cuddle companion, often found snuggled up with her human friends, ready to offer warmth and comfort. One of her endearing habits includes gently nibbling on hair while her humans sleep, a tender gesture that speaks to her affectionate disposition.

Aside from her penchant for cuddles, Barbara is also quite communicative. She'll tap you with her adorable paws when she wants attention and might even let out a soft "miaow," as if to say, "Mom, pay attention to me!" Her vocal nature adds to her charm, making her a delightful presence in any household.

Though she's only had 2 litters since joining us, Barbara has become an integral part of our cattery family. 

Listed price will include:


1 Health Exam


2 FVRCP Vaccines

Rabies Vaccine

Socialization & Behavior Training

Genetic Testing 

Health Warranty

Contract Signing

Lifetime Support



Spay Surgery

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