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To ensure a smooth and timely approval process, make sure to answer every question in detail. Additionally, include the necessary email for the personal reference, as it is crucial for a comprehensive application.

The application won't be approved if every question is not answer. In the event that a question is not applicable to you, please indicate N/A. 

As a Maine Coon breeder, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our cats, our family, and our home. We operate as a closed cattery and do not accommodate visitors. This decision is not a reflection of our lack of legitimacy or transparency but rather a measure to protect the privacy and security of our animals, children, and ourselves. With a high volume of applications each month, it's simply not feasible for us to entertain numerous visitors. Rest assured, we are a registered breeder with TICA, and we have ample evidence and referrals attesting to our credibility. For any concerns regarding legitimacy, feel free to verify our credentials through TICA or reach out to us for further reassurance. If you don't feel comfortable with our closed cattery policy, please refrain from filling out an application. 


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