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At Sweet Giants Maine Coons cattery, we want to share something truly special with you – our commitment to treating all our Maine Coon friends as part of our extended family. 🏡


Here, we believe in providing our cats with a loving and nurturing environment that allows them to thrive, just like they would in your own home. One fundamental aspect of this philosophy is that our cats are never caged. Yes, you heard that right! Whether they are enjoying their daily activities, seeking a cozy spot for an afternoon nap, or even giving birth to adorable kittens, our cats are never confined to small cages.

When a mother cat is expecting and we need to ensure the safety of her precious kittens, we provide them with spacious and comfortable accommodations that replicate the warmth of a home – our master walking closets. These closets are transformed into cozy, secure spaces where momma and her babies can bond, nurse, and grow together, free from the confines of a traditional cage.


But that's not all!


As the kittens grow and become old enough to start exploring their world, we transition them to our nursery, a large bedroom specially designed to meet their needs. Our kittens transition to the nursery around the age of 4 to 5 weeks from their birth room, providing them with a safe and stimulating environment for their early development. Inside the nursery, we prioritize their safety by placing them within a spacious 36" tall Large Lucidium Pet Pen, ensuring they are protected from potential injuries or accidents. Within this secure enclosure, our kittens have access to an array of toys that encourage their curiosity and playfulness, a cat tree to climb and explore, as well as a consistent supply of water and food to support their growing bodies. This nurturing space allows our kittens to thrive as they continue to grow and develop into healthy, happy cats.

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