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Sweet Giants Maine Coon Cattery, located in Mckinney, is your destination for exceptional Maine Coon cats. As a TICA registered cattery, we prioritize pedigree and health, ensuring that every member of our Maine Coon family possesses a Three to Five Generation Pedigree Certificate and a Genetic Test Report. Our mission is to provide purebred Maine Coons with outstanding personalities.


Reserve your Maine Coon kitten with us today and enjoy our all-inclusive package, which covers vaccinations, microchipping, TICA registration, DNA parentage reports, 30-day pet insurance, health warranty, kitten socialization, and a Welcome Home Package. Choose Sweet Giants Maine Coon Cattery for a loving addition to your family.


Available kittens and cats





Kings and Queens


Shanya Dom Sapfiroff  i  Female
Black tortie polydactyl  Maine Coon
from Russia


Fiona of Volga Castle i  Female
Black tortie silver macharel tabby
polydactyl  Maine Coon from Russia


How To Reserve a Kitten



  1. Fill out an application.

  2. Application review and reaching out to personal references have been initiated.

  3. Receive email with approval. 

  4. Receive weekly newsletter with kittens' availability and future litters.

  5. Pick your favorite kitten from the available listing.

  6. ​Text us with your choice and request

  7. Deposit at 6 weeks after approval from our vet

  8. Sign contract.

  9. Pay a deposit (50% of the full amount)

  10. Schedule kitten pick up after 12 weeks of age. 

Price Includes

FVRCP Vaccine

Rabies Vaccine

Fecal test/ Deworming

Vet Exam


TICA Registration

Parents’ Genetic Testing

Socialization Training

Welcome Home Package

Life Time support

Contract Signing

Health Warranty

30-day Free Pet Insurance

Grooming Spa

weekly professional pictures 

Health and Medical Records

Breeding Guarantee

Genetic Diseases Protection

At Sweet Giants Maine Coon Cattery, we are committed to produce health kittens. Our dedication extends to ensuring that none of our breeding cats carry genetic disorders such as PKD (polycystic kidney disease), HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy ). 

We take rigorous measures to protect against these genetic issues. Each cat chosen for breeding undergoes thorough DNA testing by an independent third party to confirm the absence of common concerns like PKD and HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). This rigorous testing assures that our kings and queens are healthy and free from these genetic diseases.

While we guarantee that every cat in our breeding program is free of the HCM gene, please note that we cannot be held responsible for unpredictable acquired HCM and its genetic mutation.

Your cat's lifelong well-being is our top priority, and we stand behind our commitment to breed healthy and genetically sound Maine Coons.

Health Protection

At Sweet Giants Maine Coon Cattery, we prioritize the well-being of our kittens. We offer a one-year health warranty.  If any genetic defects are found in your kitten withing the first year, after presenting a confirmed prognosis from your vet, you can get a kitten replacement of equal value.

3-Day Health Guarantee

Sweet Giants Maine Coon Cattery stands behind the health and well-being of your new kitten. Within the first 3 days after leaving our cattery, if you discover any life-threatening health issues such as genetic diseases, Feline Panleukopenia, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, or diseases that should have been covered by their core vaccines, we are committed to replace your kitten.

To initiate this process, we require proof of diagnosis from at least two veterinarian hospitals. For this reason, it is crucial to schedule a veterinary appointment during those first 3 days in their new home. Your kitten's health is our priority, and we want to ensure your peace of mind during their crucial first days in their new home.

30-day Free Pet Insurance

Sweet Giants Maine Coon Cattery cares about your kitten's well-being. That's why we provide 30 days of complimentary pet insurance. If your kitten requires hospitalization within the first 30 days due to medical reasons like vomiting, diarrhea, or physical injuries, the insurance will cover up to 90% of the expenses*.

*Please note that this coverage does not include regular wellness preventatives such as vaccines or pre-existing medical issues. Your kitten's health and safety are our priority, and we want to offer you peace of mind during their initial adjustment period.

Lifetime Support

In addition to all health protection plans provided, Sweet Giants also offers a lifelong feeding and caring guide and we encourage you to consult us anytime you have questions that needs an answer.


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Please FILL OUT AN APPLICATION to reserve a kitten or CONTACT US to learn more.

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