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 Only few people are able to reserve one of our Maine Coon kittens. The reservation process is very simple. We will post new pictures of kittens after two weeks of birth. In the beginning, our main priority is for Mom to have time to bond with her babies.

After two weeks, we will be posting pictures of each kitten with basic information and we will update pictures every seven days on our website and Facebook Page. Anyone who's interested in adopting a Sweet Giant Maine Coon kitten must complete the application to adopt and be pre-approved. It will only take a few minutes of your time, with a reward for the rest of your life with a big beautiful Maine Coon Baby. Once you are approved, you will be added on our Approved Guardian list. To reserve the kitten, you will make a deposit of $500.
IMPORTANT : Starting today July 6, 2022 NO RESERVATION will be allowed until the kittens are at least 8 weeks old and have passed their health checkup

Check our adoption process for more information 

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Once a pregnancy has been confirmed with our female Maine Coons, the announcement will be made in this site and Facebook page. You will be able to see the mated pair, due date and possible color of kittens.



  • A beautiful Maine Coon kitten raised in our home

  • Constant communication with your kitten and weekly professional pictures 

  • One year health guarantee replacement policy 

  • Three generation Pedigree for your kitten (5 with breeding rights )

  • TICA registration 

  • Health and medical records for your kitten

  • DNA records for both parents of your kitten

  • Personality assessment of your kitten

  • Personalized Face Time Video with me and the kitten 

  • Microchipping and registration for your kitten

  • Two sets of FVRCP Vaccinations

  • FIV/FELV testing 

  • Intestinal Parasite testing

  • 30 Day FREE - Trupanion Pet Insurance 

  • Shampoo, Fluff blow dry, Ear cleaning and nail trim before going home

  • Grooming and nail clipping training, so they are used to it when they go home

  • 31 PCS Cat Toys

  • Lifetime Support for you and your kitten


We are happy to offer a safe and well care delivery service for your Maine Coon kittens. We will keep you update every step during the trip about your kitten, you will get pictures and videos until your kitten arrival.

$1.80 per mile up to 450 miles from McKinney, Texas - kittens is delivered by car. The kitten will travel in a backseat travel tent with a litter pan, water and toys. Your kitten will be delivered at your home.

$800 delivered by plane from Dallas, Texas. $850 for two kittens traveling together. Your kitten will ride on the plane with a a flight nanny and hand-delivered to you at your closest airport. Price might change depending on destination.



If you are looking for the cheapest kitten, Sweet Giant Maine kittens are not for you. The Maine Coon is the second or third most popular purebred cat breed in the USA. The Maine Coon is an amazing cat breed. First at all, this cat is very large in size and the European has a slightly wild-looking.

People who see an European Maine Coon fall in love immediately , because of how awesome they look. Because of their popularity, there are more people who want to purchase Maine Coons than there are reputable breeders and catteries producing Maine Coon kittens.

There is a huge demand for Maine Coon kittens but not so many reputable Maine Coon breeders. Reputable Maine Coon breeders have small cattery just like us and can only produce a small numbers of kittens per year. Beware of catteries with a large number of kittens available, since it may be a sign of a kitten mill. Always ask them how many breeding queens and males they have.


All of our adults breeding cats are DNA tested for critical health defects. The most important is HCM which is a common heart defects that can cause a premature death of a Maine Coon cat. Our breeding cats are free of this genetic defect, but we always recommend annual checkup regardless of their DNA test results. If any genetic defects are found in your kitten withing the first year, after presenting a confirmed prognosis from your vet, you can get a kitten replacement of equal value.  

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