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6 Effective Strategies for Stopping Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

As much as we love our Maine Coons, one of the biggest challenges of cat ownership is dealing with their natural instinct to scratch. Scratching is a normal and healthy behavior for cats, but it can be destructive to our furniture and belongings. In this blog, we'll explore some effective strategies for stopping your cat from scratching furniture.

1. Provide an alternative scratching surface!

One of the easiest ways to stop your cat from scratching furniture is to provide them with a suitable alternative. Scratching posts and pads are available in a variety of sizes and materials, so you can find one that your cat will enjoy using. Encourage your cat to use the scratching post by placing it in an area where they spend a lot of time, such as near their favorite sleeping spot. Below you will see my favorite scratching post. This is perfect for big cats like Maine Coon cats, it is 34 inches tall, and my cats love it. Click on the picture to purchase it.

2. Use positive reinforcement

Cats respond well to positive reinforcement, so when you catch your cat using their scratching post, be sure to reward them with treats, praise, or playtime. This will help reinforce the idea that scratching the post is a good behavior. This is my favorite cat's snacks, they are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside along with the delicious chicken flavor, made my cat go crazy for these treats. Click on the image to purchase those delicious treats.