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The Majestic Beauty of White Maine Coons: A Guide to the Rare and Stunning Breed

White Maine Coons are a rare and beautiful variation of the Maine Coon breed. Their pristine white coat sets them apart from other Maine Coons and makes them an eye-catching addition to any household. However, many people may wonder why white Maine Coons are so rare and how they get their white coat. In this blog, we will explore the genetics behind white Maine Coons and why they are so rare.

Genetics of White Maine Coons The color of a cat's coat is determined by genetics, with various genes controlling the production of different pigments. White is technically considered a non-color as it results from a white masking gene that exists as a heterozygous pair, where one gene is dominant and the other is recessive. This masking gene effectively covers up the underlying true color of the cat and only becomes evident when the cat gives birth to kittens. Unfortunately, there is no way to uncover the hidden color of a white Maine Coon. However, if a white Maine Coon has non-white siblings, these siblings can offer clues about the cat's true color. To breed a white Maine Coon kitten, one of its parents must be solid white. Breeders require the masking gene to breed these cats as it acts as a blocker, preventing other colors from showing up. White is a dominant color that cannot skip a generation. Why are White Maine Coons Rare? White Maine Coon cats are indeed a rare sight to behold! In fact, solid white cats make up only 5 percent of the entire cat population, including all breeds and mixed breeds. As such, discovering a pure white Maine Coon cat is a truly exceptional occurrence! It took us two years to find our white stud Ustin!

Are white Maine Coons Deaf?

Have you ever pondered about white cats and their potential deafness? Or perhaps you've heard the misconception that all white cats are deaf? While there is some truth to this belief, it is a common misconception. The connection between deafness and coat color lies in the cat's genes. Cats with blue eyes are more likely to have a genetic predisposition to deafness, and since pure white cats often have blue eyes, they may be more prone to deafness. However, not all white cats with blue eyes will be deaf, as there are different genetic factors at play. It's important to note that not all white cats have inherited the gene complex that includes deafness.

We are proud to say that our white stud Ustin comes from a long line of cats with zero instances of deafness in their pedigree. We understand the importance of ensuring the health and well-being of our cats and their offspring, and that is why we carefully select breeding pairs with a focus on genetic health. Our white stud has undergone thorough testing to confirm his hearing ability and has been cleared of any potential genetic predispositions to deafness. We are confident that our white stud will produce healthy and thriving kittens with a low risk of deafness.


White Maine Coons are a rare and beautiful variation of the Maine Coon breed. Their white coat is the result of a genetic mutation that prevents the production of pigment, making them stand out from other Maine Coons. However, the rarity of this mutation makes white Maine Coons much less common than other colors of Maine Coons. If you are lucky enough to own a white Maine Coon, cherish them as a unique and rare treasure.

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